LAW Seminar: “Environmental Constitutionalism in Climate Change Litigation”, Laura Burgers, 6:00PM February 10 (EN)

You are cordially invited to the online lecture on ‘Environmental Constitutionalism in Climate Change Litigation’ by Laura Burgers (University of Amsterdam-UvA) organised by the Faculty of Law.

Date: 10 February 2022
Time: 18.00-19.00
Topic: Laura Burgers (University of Amsterdam-UvA)
Time: Feb 10, 2022 06:00 PM Istanbul

***This is an online event. To obtain Zoom link and password, please contact to the department.

Laura Burgers will talk about environmental constitutionalism in climate change litigation, i.e. the power of human rights to enforce necessary climate action. Moreover, she will address the rights of nature or so-called ‘Earth Jurisprudence’: In an increasing amount of jurisdictions, rights of nature are recognized. Sometimes, these rights are also invoked in climate change litigation. Burgers discusses interlinkages between the human right to a healthy environment and the right of the environment to be healthy itself.

Short Bio: Laura Burgers works as an assistant professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative private law (ACT). Dr. Burgers is an expert on sustainability and law, with a particular emphasis on the boundaries of democratically legitimate judicial law-making through climate change litigation in European private law. She is currently researching a transnational movement in which more natural areas are being given their own rights that can be enforced in court through a representative. Dr. Burgers is also an expert within the UN Network Harmony with Nature on this topic.