LAW Seminar: “Science, Technology and the Law”, Pamela Katz, J.D., 1.30PM February 27 (EN)


Speaker : Pamela Katz, J.D.,
Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies
Russell Sage College, New York – USA
Fulbright Scholar in Faculty of Law, Bilkent

Date: February 27, 2021, Saturday
Time : 13:30

Zoom Meeting
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“Science, Technology and the Law”

Exploration of how the law responds (or fails to do so) to advances in science and technology, including assisted reproduction and life-extending innovations, robots and artificial intelligence, and surveillance technologies, with a focus on challenges to constitutionally protected civil liberties.

Pamela Katz is a Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies at Russell Sage College (RSC) in Troy, New York, USA. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Law Department at Bilkent University this semester as a Fulbright Scholar. Her long term research interest is in the area of civil rights and civil liberties, with a recent focus on the impact of technological advances on individual rights. Professor Katz developed an upper level course at RSC on Science, Technology and the Law, and has published several articles on the topic, including Unintended Consequences: Technology Challenges to a Woman’s Reproductive Right to Choose and Expert Robot: Using Artificial Intelligence to Assist Judges in Admitting Scientific Expert Testimony.