Joint Exhibition: “Spaces of Struggle” & “Campus Reanimated” FADA Exhibition Hall, January 7-11

Joint Exhibition: “Spaces of Struggle” & “Campus Reanimated”

Place: FADA Exhibition Hall

Time: 7-11 January 2019
Opening: 7 January 2019, 16:00

The Department of Architecture kindly invites all to the joint exhibition of the final projects of Architecture and Society and Parametric Design Studio courses.

“Spaces of Struggle”
The exhibition displays the manifesto posters designed by the students of ARCH 321 Architecture and Society course. The project questions the relationship of people and spaces within the context of “struggle”. The concepts of both “space” and “struggle” have been handled in various ways – here, “space” might refer, for example, to a very specific case or a body, and “struggle” might refer, for example, to an ideological act or a personal response.

“Campus Reanimated: An urban furniture for FF Building and its surroundings”
Large scale products of design have the tendency of turning into patchworks with multiple actors being participated within different stages of the process. When the patchwork creates a harmony, diversity enriches the solution. On the otherhand, unthought parameters of everyday life on the built patchwork, could destroy the harmony by rendering number of patches useless, forgotten or neglected. Thus comes the separation. Campuses exemplify the aforementioned large scale products of design. With the evergrowing needs of the users, not only the seperation of the initial patchwork but also the addition of new patches being overlapped with the old ones becomes a problem. Thus comes the need of unification. With the recurring theme of the of the urban furniture in campus, students of parametric design studio have focused on their main faculty building -FF- and its surroundings to find ruptures in the patchwork. We called them, dead spaces. Ideas developed around the concept of reanimating the dead spaces by resurfacing the potentials with the sites’ givings, taking them as inputs for the codes which are used in projects. outcomes you will experience through the exhibition invites you to question our approach.