IR Book Launch: “Welcome to Hell? In Search of the Real Turkish Football,” Dr. John McManus, A-130, 5:40PM November 27 (EN)

Dr. John McManus
“Welcome to Hell? In Search of the Real Turkish Football”

Day & Time: November 27, 17.40
Venue: A 130 Seminar Room

Turkish football suffers from a bad image overseas. Few in Britain, Germany or France associate the game with camaraderie, hospitality and humour. They are most likely to mention banners proclaiming ‘Welcome to hell’. Or Leeds United supporters stabbed to death on an Istanbul street.

In this lecture, based on his book *Welcome to Hell? In Search of the Real Turkish Football*, British anthropologist John McManus explains why he believes that Turkish football deserves to shake off that image. He talks about his experience of the rich, funny, obsessive, fan culture that he has encountered on the terraces of grounds across the country, from the elite training facilities of Istanbul to the dusty pitches of the Syrian border. He shows how fans and clubs have grappled with the game’s rapid commercialisation, and how football has become entwined with darker social and political developments. In the process, he reveals how football can offer a window onto Turkey at a time of turmoil and flux.