IE Seminar: “Workforce Scheduling and Routing,” Dr. Eda Yücel (TOBB University), EA-409, 1:40PM April 26 (EN)

Departmental Seminar
Title: Workforce Scheduling and Routing”

Asst. Prof. Eda Yücel
Industrial Engineering, TOBB University

April 26, 1:40 p.m.
Place: EA-409

In this research, we study the multi-skill workforce scheduling and routing problem in field service operations. It is motivated by a real-life problem faced by electricity distribution companies on a daily basis. Given a set of technicians with different skills and a set of geographically dispersed tasks with different skill requirements and priorities, the aim is to form teams of technicians and to assign a sequence of tasks to each team according to their skills. There are two objectives: completing higher priority tasks earlier and minimizing total operational costs. We propose a mixed integer programming model to find Pareto optimal solutions. Because the computational effort considerably increases for real problem instances, we propose a two-stage matheuristic to obtain a good approximation of the Pareto frontier. We demonstrate the performance of the proposed matheuristic in real problem instances and instances from the literature.

Eda Yücel is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering Department at TOBB University of Economics and Technology. She received her Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management from Koç University in 2011. She holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (Koç University, 2006) and a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering (Bilkent University, 2003). Prior to joining TOBB University of Economics and Technology, she worked as a Software Engineer, Project System Engineer, Project Manager, and Senior Optimization Engine Developer at different companies in IT sector. Her primary research interests involve mathematical programming and combinatorial optimization, especially in the areas of health care services, logistics, retail operations, and disaster management.