IAED Skype Lecture: “Globalization and Invention of Identities Lessons from Vernacularism in the Maghreb Region,” Dr. Hamza Benacer (PAUI Politecnico Di Milano University), FFB-06, 1:30PM June 21 (EN)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department Skype Lecture: Globalization and invention of identities lessons from vernacularism in the Maghreb region

Date: 21/06/2018 Thursday
Time, Place: 13:30, FFB06

Speaker: Dr. Hamza Benacer

Hamza Benacer is an architect, editor, researcher and a doctor from the department of architecture, urban and interior design PAUI Politecnico Di Milano University where he was giving lectures, supervise student’s projects and graduation thesis. He holds an Msc from the University of Salford Manchester in the UK and an architect degree from the University of Algeria. His PhD thesis is titled FROM THE MEDINA TO THE METROPOL New integrative approach for sustainable revitalization of historic centre! His research interests lie in giving focus to determine conflicts caused by the rapid growth and globalisation phenomena at different levels and offer possibilities on the way for theirs reconciliation; such as between traditionalism and modernism, global and local without interrupting the inherited architectural and urban composition ranging from theory to design to implementation. He has collaborated actively with researchers and laboratories in several other topics ranging from Urban to architectural arriving to interior design scale. Hamza has served on a number of conferences, workshops, seminars and international competitions in various occasions where he was sharing both his research interest and exploring related topics as well as being able to publish his journal articles and projects.