Film Screening: “The Color of Paradise,” Majid Majidi, FFB-22, 6:30PM April 14 (EN)

Famed Iranian director Majid Majidi’s wonderful The Color of Paradise will be the final film of the term from Bilkent Cinematics, and it screens Thursday, April 14, FFB-22, at 6.30 p.m.

Majidi’s 1997 film Children of Heaven was the first Iranian movie ever nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. In 1999 came Color of Paradise, the absorbing, deeply touching story of young Mohammed, whose blindness is a burden not only for him but, so it seems, his father, too. We follow Mohammed as he tries to both understand God and navigate a world that appears at times to disregard him entirely.

Critic Roger Ebert said the movie is “made with delicacy and beauty,” and “because they do not condescend to young audiences, Majidi’s films of course are absorbing for adults as well, and there is a lesson here: Any family film not good enough for grownups is certainly not good enough for children.”