Film Screening: “Mad Max Fury Road,” George Miller (2015), FFB-5, 6PM April 25 (EN)

George Miller’s stunning Mad Max Fury Road (2015) will be Bilkent Cinematics’ last offering of the term on April 25th, Wednesday.

Set some time after the apocalyptic end of civilization, enslaved warrior Furiosa (Charlize Theron) escapes the dreaded prison Citadel with five other women and soon encounters fellow fugitive Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy). Together this brave motley crew tries to evade recapture by the brute tyrant Immortan Joe, who sends out all of his most savage forces to retrieve them.

Miller’s extraordinary action film won six Academy Awards including one for Film Editor Margaret Sıxel, whose work in makıng this one of the most nonstop kinetic films in cinematıc history is wıthout parallel. The movie does not let the audience pause for even a breath before the next stunning action scene occurs. It is one of films most chaotic rides.

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