FADA Talks: FFB-06, 4PM-7PM April 26 & Workshops: FA-317-318-314, 10AM-5PM April 27 (EN)

The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture will hold the first event of its “Interaction Design Futures” initiative. The event, titled “Unfolding-A Learning Initiative for Interactive Art and Design” will include three talks and two workshops.

The Talks- FFB-06 – on April 26, Friday, between 4 and 7 p.m.

Andreas Treske of the Department of Communication and Design will give a presentation titled “Let’s Dance”; Efe Korkut Kurt of the Alan Project will speak on the topic “Relational Aesthetics and Spatial Experience”; and Efe Alpay of Reo-Tek will talk about “Designing Immersive Storytelling Experiences.”

The Workshops- on April 27, Saturday, will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.
Workshop one (W1), on “Geometrical Transcription, Generating Micro Textures” will be presented by Ahmet Ünveren & Ecem Dilan Köse of Re sole and take place in FA-317-318.

Workshop two (W2), on “Creating Interactive & Generative Realtime Visualizations with Derivative TouchDesigner” will be presented by Ali Bozkurt and take place in FA-314.
FADA invites everyone to join. All sessions are free of charge; students taking GE 250/251 will receive 25 points for attending the talks (15pts) and workshops (10 pts.). As the workshops have limited capacity, registration is required; this may be done by sending an email, with a subject line that includes the workshop name and code (W1 or W2) as well as the name of the registrant’s department, to unfolding@bilkent.edu.tr. Participants will need to bring their laptops.