Documentary Film Screening: “Museum Hours,” Jem Cohen (2012), FFB-05, 5:45PM April 11 (EN)(TR)

Perhaps no film genre approaches its subject with as much curiosity as does the documentary. Join us this spring for four documentaries of varying styles and subjects. Each screening will open with a brief introduction and an informal discussion will follow. All are welcome!

Tuesday, April 11 at 17.45 in FFB05

Museum Hours (Jem Cohen/2012/1 h 47 min.)

Introduction by Ahmet Gurata (COMD)

Museum Hours is a mesmerizing tale of two adrift strangers who find refuge in Vienna’s grand Kunsthistorisches Art Museum. Johann, a museum guard, spends his days silently observing both the art and the visitors. Anne, suddenly called to Vienna from overseas, has been wandering the city in a state of limbo. A chance meeting sparks a deepening connection that draws them through the halls of the museum and the streets of the city. The exquisitely photographed Museum Hours is an ode to the bonds of friendship, an exploration of an unseen Vienna, and the power of art to both mirror and alter our lives.

The documentary film series is sponsored by the department of COMD, the Program in Culture, Civilizations and Ideas, and the Department of American Studies