Conference: “The First Student Colloquium of Byzantine Studies,” Department of History, A-130, 10AM-5:15PM December 23 (EN)

The First Student Colloquium of Byzantine Studies is a one-day conference organized by the Department of History for both graduate and undergraduate students. The colloquium will in English.
The Colloquium will take place on 23 December 2016 at A-130 from 10.00 to 17.15.
The conference is divided into four panels including three or four papers each.
The first panel (speakers: Deniz Gür, Ela Ekiz, Selman Oğuzcan Ünal/ respondent: Dr. Paul Kimball) will focus on some general issues in Byzantine history from Greek Fire to the influence of Byzantium on the Italian Renaissance; the second panel (speakers: Zeynep Babacan, Eylül Çetinbaş, Humberto De Luigi and Sebastien Flynn/ respondent: Dr. Macit Tekinalp, Hacettepe University) deals with the relations between Byzantium and other geographical or cultural contexts like Muslim Egypt or Song China; the third panel (speakers: Egemen Gürgen, Oğulcan Çelik, Pelin Vatan and Ecem Ege/ respondent: Dr. Sercan Yandim, Hacettepe University) will delve into topics related to the Byzantine art and culture: like the role played by images of military saints or the sound of Byzantine music. Finally the fourth panel (speakers: Sera Abdulaziz, Dilara Avci, Yunus Doğan and Nida Nebahat Nalçacı / respondent: Dr. Paul Latimer) will deal with the relationship between Byzantium and two of its most powerful neighbors, the Republic of Venice and the Ottomans, exploring topics like the Venetian presence in Constantinople or the practice of slavery in the Byzantine and Ottoman world.