COMD Talk: “Visuality and Knowledge Transfer with Infographics,” Lutz Peschke, FFB-05, 3:40PM March 9 (EN)

“Visuality and knowledge transfer with infographics”
By Lutz Peschke

Date: Friday, March 9th, 2018
Time: 15.40 – 16.50
Place: FF-B05 (FADA Building)

Abstract: Infographics are discontinuous form of expressions which contain text, image and diagrammatic components, that has emerged as a new medial presentation form in the last decade. In spite of all analogous precursors it became an autonomous and journalistic category of the digital epoch. Infographics get increasing importance because of data flood and information overloads, supported and exponentiated by social and mobile online media.

Despite growing research, we still need to understand the process how user get access to the knowledge via infographics better. Lutz Peschke will discuss actual results about his recent research within the scope of his Ph.D thesis. He takes into consideration the actual models and theories between Alfred Schütz’ understanding of relevance, approach to knowledge of Berger and Luckmann, Luhmann’s system theory as well as newest knowledge-sociologic discourse analysis.

Lutz Peschke was graduated in chemistry (Ph.D 1996 at Heidelberg University) and media studies (Ph.D 2018 at Bonn University) and teaches new media and communication studies in COMD at Bilkent University since 2015. He produces and directs science festivals and scientific stage evens in Germany. His research fields are new media theories, visual communication in the context of knowledge transfer as well as field studies in live broadcasting services. Additionally, he directs the live broadcast productions of the concerts of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.