COMD Talk: “Interaction Designing,” Hayo Waagenar (IJsfontein), FFB-05, 10:40AM October 12 (EN)

Hayo Wagenaar, interaction designer, co-owner and creative director of IJsfontein, is visiting Bilkent on Friday, October 12th.
IJsfontein is specialized in Playful learning, and works in the field of education, serious gaming, mobile apps, VR applications, interactive installations and cross-media concepts.
The past fifteen years Hayo was responsible for spatial interaction projects, interactive exhibits at IJsfontein and educational innovation in general with a connection between public spaces, home and or the class room. His main focus in design is to create a “controlled flow of curiosity of a visitor”.
IJsfontein’s first game “Master of the Elements” (1997) won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award and was published worldwide. Hayo was rewarded with a Jan Kassies Oeuvre award of the Dutch Media Fund and an oeuvre award of the Dutch Children Media Awards.
The talk is organized in cooperation with Dutch Culture.

Time and Place: October 12th, Friday: 10.40 @ FF-B05 (FADA Building)