COMD Talk: “Do You Wish to Age Happy? Design for Elderly,” Dr. Ellis Bartholomeus (Eindhoven University), FFB-05, 3:40PM February 8 (EN)

COMD Talk: Do you wish to age happy? Design for elderly

“In my 20 years of experience designing interactive products and games as a tool for impact, my most favorite target group is elderly. So much to learn from this group who have so much experience in life, and so many assumptions. Stigmas can be destroyed if you listen carefully to these users. What are the obstacles and thresholds to overcome in designing the concept, development, testing and implementation. And how can we (easily) scale these learnings to other target audiences.”

Ellis Bartholomeus is a veteran Dutch game designer and Professor of Play at Eindhoven University. She creates games that enable people to have fun, change their behaviour or learn new skills. You can find more information on her @

Time and Place:

February 8th, Thursday: 15.40 @ FF-B05 (FADA Building)