Colloquium: “Gender and Competition, ” Dr. Selin Kesebir (London Business School), A-130, 12:30-1:30PM April 4 (EN)

DATE: Tuesday, April 4th at 12:30-13:30

Dear Bilkent colleagues and students,

Please join us for “Gender and Competition ” by Selin Kesebir ,Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, London Business School, London,UK.

Thank you,
Jedediah Allen
Ali Khatibi
PSYC Colloquium Committee

“Gender and Competition ”

Selin Kesebir ,
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior,
London Business School, London,UK.

I will talk about gender differences in competitiveness and focus on the relational implications of competition with same gender peers. According to gender socialization research, the female peer culture values the appearance of equality, whereas the male peer culture is comfortable with open
hierarchical rankings. As competition dispenses with equality and creates a ranking hierarchy, it has a better fit with male relational norms than female relational norms. On this basis, women are expected to regard competition with their female peers less desirable than men would regard competition with their male peers, and women’s same–‐gender relationships are expected to suffer under competition more than men’s. I’ll present four studies that support these predictions and discuss the implications of these findings for women’s career progression..