Bilkent Theater Last Performance: “Action,” 2nd Senior Project, Bilkent Theater Hall, 8PM May 10 (TR)

Turkish Premier
Writer: Sam Shepard
Director: Jason Hale
Costume Design: Selvi Şaşmaz
Set Design: Jason Hale
Lighting Design: Yılmaz Ertekin
Language: Turkish
Actors: Naz Göktan, Berk Cem Göksel, Melisa Berberoğlu, Ahmet Kılıç

Bilkent Theater is proud to present Sam Shepard’s Action as its second Senior Project in 2017-18.

Action takes the audience right “into the living room of a post-apocalyptic holiday”. Lupe (Melisa Berberoğlu), Liza (Naz Göktan), Jeep (Ahmet Kılıç) and Shooter (Berk Cem Göksel) are trapped in a cold, isolated cabin after a mysterious “crisis.” They are struggling to pull off a holiday meal. Limited food, an uncertain future and overwhelming boredom begin to take their toll with disturbing and absurd results.

Tackling the issues of downfall of civilization with captivity, fear and sudden release, the Obie-Award winning 1974 play Action is one of the most abstract, yet physical plays of the American playwright Sam Shepard.

Translated into Turkish by senior student Melisa Berberoğlu and classmates, Action/Devinim is directed by the award-winning director Jason Hale of Bilkent Theater Department as the final senior project for the graduating year of 2018.

March 29-30
April 5-12-19-26
May 3-10

Bilkent Theater Hall at 20:00
GE 250-251 20 points
Servis bus to Tunus will be provided.

Tel: 0312 290 17 75