ARCH Lecture: “? – Urbanism” Gizem Deniz Güneri, FFB-06, 12:30PM November 28 (EN)

Architecture Department Lecture:? – urbanism
Date:28/11/2018 Wednesday
Time, Place: 12:30, FFB-06

Gizem Deniz Güneri graduated with a professional degree in architecture after which, being awarded a Fulbright scholarship, she went on to complete a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation and a PhD in Architecture at Middle East Technical University. She has recently completed her studies as a research fellow at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Her major interests include architectural utopianism, collective urban form, heliotropic urbanism and public health.

The relationship between collective urban form and architecture is a timely question, particularly as the major body of contemporary urban research focuses on questions of ecology. While much of the ecological urbanism initiatives have concentrated on the answer – the adaption of urban form for contemporary hydrological and ecological conditions –, this presentation aspires to reanimate a discussion on how the very idea of the city and that of architecture as its correlate is currently being thrown into question. To this end, it raises a range of questions, beginning with the potential of utopianism as a manner of critical query/dialogue and a means to theorize the relationship of the idealized and the real, the whole and the part, and the social/political and the formal on the one hand. It also raises equally compelling questions regarding the possibility, means and modes of contemporary urbanism(s) through a specific discussion on the emergent theories, experiments and material practices of heliotropic urbanism.