2nd Student Colloquium in Modern European History: A-130, 9:30AM-5PM May 3 (EN)

Date: 3 May
Time: 09.30-17.00
Venue: A-130 (IFSS-A Building)

PANEL 1 (h. 09.30-10.45)

YUNUS DOĞAN, On the top of a rising nation: Isabelle I of Castile from the Reconquista to new world.
MUHAMMED CIHAD KUBAT, An Encounter of Two Worlds: Macartney Embassy in Qing Dynasty
EYLÜL ÇETINBAŞ, ‘Kitóko mpé Mabé’. Missiology of European Missionaries and Lack of ‘Interreligious Dialogue’ in Leopold’s Congo
MEHMET HALIT SEZGIN, From Baroque to Classic Art Music: An Overview of the Dynamics of Change

Coffee Break (h. 10.45-11.00)

PANEL 2 (h. 11.00-12.40)

PELIN VATAN, A Different Aspect of Renaissance: A Historiographical Comparison
YUNUS EMRE TORTAMIS, Reconsidering the first round of the Great Game from Eastern Question (1800-1841).
MELIKE BATGIRAY, The Renaissance and the Ottomans.
RICHARD RUOFF, On the Eve of Revolution: political strife and social transformations in the 18th century Ottoman Balkans

Lunch Break (12.40-14.00)

PANEL 3 (h. 14.00-15.15)
Respondent: PAUL LATIMER

CEM ERKLI, Waging War on a Wager. For a history of the probability theory.
SELEN EŞENÇAY, The night of the Temple: the final days of the Templar Knights.
ÖZGÜR ELMACIOĞLU, Craft guilds of the Low Countries and the Northern Italy, c.1500-1650
DOĞA GÜRGÜNOĞLU, Structure or agency? Two military revolutions of the late modern era

Coffee Break (h. 15.30-15.45)

PANEL 4 (h. 15.45-17.00)

EMIR OLGUN, Anglo-German Relations between 1871-1914 and the dream of a German Mitteleuropa.
MUSTAFA AY, The sound of Baroque.
HAMID INCIDELEN, An Intellectual Survey of Calvinist Themes in the Dutch Golden Age Painting from Beeldenstorm to Rampjaar