MSN MSc Thesis Defense: “Affinity of Glycopeptide Nanofibers to Growth Factors and Their Effects on Cells,” Nurcan Haştar, UNAM Conference Hall, 10AM August 24 (EN)

MATERIALS SCIENCE and NANOTECHNOLOGY GRADUATE PROGRAM M.Sc. Thesis Defense by Nurcan HAŞTAR “AFFINITY OF GLYCOPEPTIDE NANOFIBERS TO GROWTH FACTORS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON CELLS” Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Ayşe Begüm Tekinay Date: 24.08.2017 (Thursday) Time: 10:00 Place: UNAM Conference Hall Duygu Kazancı UNAM — UNAM Annual Report: ____________________________________________________________ UNAM – […]

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MS Thesis Presentation: “Design of a C-Band Dual-Polarized Strip-Fed Aperture Coupled Stacked Patch Planar Antenna Array for Point-to-Point Communication,” Caner Asbas (EE), EE-314, 10:30AM August 24 (EN)

SEMINAR: “DESIGN OF A C-BAND DUAL-POLARIZED STRIP-FED APERTURE COUPLED STACKED PATCH PLANAR ANTENNA ARRAY FOR POINT-TO-POINT COMMUNICATION” By CANER ASBAS M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Prof. Dr. Vakur B. Ertürk The seminar will be on Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 10:30 @ EE-314 ABSTRACT Point-to-point (P2P) communication is utilized […]

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