Teleskopla Gözlem: Fen Fakültesi Önü, SA Binası, 20:00 11 Nisan

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Bilkent astronomy group is inviting you to the next telescope observation.

The observation will start at 20:00 on Tuesday, 11th of April.

Place: In front of Faculty of Science, SA building.

Event program:
* From 20:00 to 20:50 We will be looking at the beautiful Orion nebula.

* From 20:50 to 21:10 there will be an orientation for the participants, on how to locate astronomical objects in the sky, also some information about the Orion nebula and the planet Jupiter.

* From 21:20 to 23:00 we will be looking at the planet Jupiter.

(Points can be obtained for GE250.)