Söyleşi: “Furniture Design & Wooden Chair Fabrication,” Siniša Prvanov, FFB-06, 13:40 29 Kasım (EN)

Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design kindly invites you to the talk by Siniša Prvanov on 29th of November, 2016, Tuesday in room FFB-06 at 13:40.

“Furniture Design & Wooden Chair Fabrication”

MICHAEL THONET (1841-1934) and ALVARA ALTO (1898–1976), two brilliant designers. The first one was a talented craftsman-cabinet maker, and the other one was one of the most famous architects who integrated custom furnishings into his buildings and interior spaces. Regardless of their academic background or professional affiliation, these individuals are renowned for innovative furniture designs. Consider the viewpoints brought to furniture design by these individuals and the unique disciplinary qualities within the fields of applied arts, interior and industrial design. There are pronounced differences in the way architects and interior designers create a sense of place by designing, selecting, and locating furniture; in the way industrial designers seek to resolve industrial fabrication processes and integrate utility, human factors, and ergonomics in design; and in the way that artists are trained in their craft. Many individuals and disciplines contribute to the body of knowledge of
furniture design. Think about the influence that material properties, use, applied forces, the surrounding environment, and ergonomics have on furniture design. Reflect upon the historical, cultural, political, and societal conditions revealed in the way people sit, rest, work, and play, or the human factors research and anthropometric data on which furniture designers rely. Many factors should be considered when designing furniture. Most are situated within personal, cultural, disciplinary, and professional frames of reference. The primary intention of this seminar is to articulate how ideas, use, design process, materials, and fabrication methods contribute to furniture design. How to deal with manufacturing chairs, using solid wood and plywood. Difference and benefits from both materials which are still central themes in furniture production. It is the hope that this seminar will remain a useful survey for all, especially for design students and fabricators interested in furniture design.

Short Bio
Born in Republic of Serbia 1965. Interior architect and educator with over 25 years of experience in high-end design industry and higher education. Educated at the University of Arts Belgrade (BA, MA in Interior Architecture) and National Technical University of Athens (PhD in Furniture Design), he has integrated the highest calibre international methods of teaching into his courses. In conjunction with internationally acclaimed architecture firms, his professional work has received several design awards. His work has been exhibited internationally in Berlin, Milan, Bologna, Athens, Monaco, Montevideo, and Montreal. He has appeared in eleven books, two journal monographs, and over 20 journal articles. Lived and worked in Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cyprus, and since 2016 is permanently based in Athens, Greece.