Sunum: “Recent Findings on Peripheral Physiological Markers as Predictors for Therapeutic and Decision-Making Outcome,” Dr. Stefan Sütterlin, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, A-130, 12:30 14 Şubat (EN)

Title: Recent findings on peripheral physiological markers as predictors for therapeutic and decision- making outcome by Dr. Stefan Sütterlin, Department of Psychology, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

The presentation provides an overview over clinical and non-clinical research on peripheral physiological markers and their role as predictors for clinical outcomes and cognitive performance. In a longitudinal study on depressed patients, higher cardiac reactivity to computer-simulated social exclusion served as a predictor for positive therapeutic outcomes. Endocrinological markers for chronic stress (alpha amylase and cortisol) served as predictors for the patients well-being and relapse probability after discharge from the clinic. Besides reactivity, the biased perception of somatic markers and their effect on affective, cognitive and counter-intuitive decision-making and pain illusions will be discussed.

Time: 12:30-13:30 Tuesday, February 14
Location: Room A-130 FEASS