Söyleşi: “The Many Faces of Attention,” Dr. Jaap Munneke, A-130, 12:40 8 Nisan (EN)

Title: The many faces of attention by Dr. Jaap Munneke

In this talk I will present a series of research projects that tie in tightly with theories on visual attention, but which often go beyond the classic literature. In the first line of research I will explain how the presence of value in a visual display guides attention in the face of opposing task-goals. A second line of research will establish a direct link between attention and working memory processes, using fMRI to show strong overlap in neural patterns underlying both cognitive mechanisms. A third independent line of research will provide evidence for a strong influence of attentional mechanisms as the cause of psychopathic behavior. Apart from these topics, I will present a number of future projects including a line of EEG research that makes use of advanced computational methods such a decoding analysis and forward modelling, which I intend to apply to outstanding questions on the influence of value on attentional and working memory processes. Taken together, I aim to show that attention is not a simple unitary “stand-alone” mechanism, but a mechanism that is deeply ingrained in the way we perceive and act on the world.

Date: Friday, April 8
Time: 12.40-13.30
Building: FEASS
Room: A-130