Söyleşi: “Spirits and Spirit Worlds in the History of Art,” C.M. Kösemen, FB-309, 12:40 11 Mart (EN)

A Talk by C.M. Kösemen, Bilkent University, FADA, Department of Fine Arts
‘Spirits and Spirit Worlds in the History of Art’

March 11, 2016
12.40 – 13.30

Event description:
From the earliest cave drawings to the works of modern surrealists, why do artists draw the same spirits and patterns when visualising worlds beyond our own? Is it the result of a hard-wired artistic reflex? Or is something truly supernatural at play? Artist and researcher C. M. Kosemen explains it in an image-packed and entertaining lecture about the history of spirit art.

This talk will be delivered in English.

Short biography:
Artist and researcher C. M. Kosemen’s areas of interest include surreal art, history, evolution, zoology and mythology. Kosemen is affiliated with the Empire Project gallery of Istanbul. His work has been exhibited in Sicily, Vienna, Istanbul, Ankara and London. Kosemen is also the author of a book of visual history, “Osman Hasan and the Tombstone photographs of the Dönmes.” This book has been the subject of talks in Ulcinj – Montenegro, and Sydney – Australia.

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