Söyleşi: “Reflections on Inclusive Design Education,” Dr. Burçak Altay, FFB-06, 10:00 30 Haziran (EN)

Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design kindly invites you to a talk by Dr. Burçak Altay , Bilkent University.

Title : Reflections on Inclusive Design Education
Date : Tuesday, June 30
Time : 10:00 a.m.
Place : FFB-06


Altay presentation discusses research she has carried out based on inclusive design educational practices. Initially, a core value system of education that should balance the responsibilities to the self and to the society is proposed. To develop this, learning in both cognitive and affective domains are to be cultivated where students develop knowledge and attitudes pertaining to the subject. Learner-centered methods such as case-based, project-based, enactment of practice and reflection are suggested to support the learning domains. Moreover, user centered and empathic design methods can also be embedded in education that encourages the student to adopt a design-for-all outlook, while enhancing creativity and intrinsic motivation. The presentation provides an overview of practices and cases focusing on student experiences and assessments.