Söyleşi: “Is Metaphysical Explanation Only Metaphorically Explanatory?,” Jon Shaheen, University of Ghent, G-160, 16:40 15 Şubat (EN)

“Is Metaphysical Explanation Only Metaphorically Explanatory?” by Jon Shaheen, Department of Philosophy
University of Ghent

DATE: Monday, February 15
TIME: 16:40-18:30
PLACE: G-160

Abstract: In this talk, I will present evidence of a systematic ambiguity in our explanatory terminology, as well as my preferred account of that ambiguity: the causal metaphor account of metaphysical explanation. I will then discuss how that account explains the attraction of grounding skepticism. I will close by considering whether, in addition, it can be the basis of a convincing argument for grounding skepticism.