Seminer: “Understanding Materials with Unusual Properties at Nanoscale,” Serkan Kasırga (UNAM), Seminer Odası SB-Z14, 12:40 31 Ekim (EN)


“Understanding Materials with Unusual Properties at Nanoscale”

Serkan Kasırga
Strongly Correlated Materials Lab, UNAM

When electronic interactions are not screened effectively in solid state systems interesting phenomena such as superconductivity, metal-insulator transition etc. emerge. However, these systems are markedly difficult to study as there is a competition between the long-range ordering and the short-range correlations. To circumvent the problems associated with this competition, samples should have minimal defects as well as characteristic domain size should be comparable to the crystal size. Nanocrystals are typically suitable for this purpose.

In this talk, as an example to the case above, I am going to present our studies on the nano sized crystal of vanadium dioxide to understand the metal-insulator transition it displays around 65 °C. In particular, I will focus on the stress-temperature phase diagram that we measured for the first time, effects of thickness on the metal-insulator transition is VO2 as well as the photoresponse of this peculiar material. In general I will try to convey why we need an out of the box thinking approach to understand the physics of strongly correlated materials.

Date: October 31, 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 12:40
Place: Faculty of Science Building, B Block, Seminar Room #Z-14

All interested are cordially invited.