Seminer: “Modeling Brightness Perception,”Dr. Aaron Clarke, A-130, 12:40 23 Aralık (EN)

“Modeling Brightness Perception”

Wednesday, December 23rd. at 12:40 p.m. in room A-130

Assistant. Prof. Dr. Aaron Clarke, Department of Psychology

We subjectively have the feeling that we perceive the world the way it is. Visual illusions prove this feeling to be false, revealing that the world we see is a construct of our brains, re-created using heuristic rules and algorithms that work most of the time, but occasionally fail. Even the most fundamental perceptual attributes in vision, such as brightness, are subject to illusions. In this talk I will highlight some interesting illusions and show how they reveal key insights into the mechanisms of visual perception. I will expand on different models of vision that have been used to explain these illusions and show where they succeed and where they fail. Furthermore, I will propose a new model that makes up for previous models’ failures and explains a large body of data.