Seminer: “Functional Landscape of Public Gene Expression Repositories,” Prof. Hasan Oğul (Başkent Üniversitesi), SBZ-14, 15:40 28 Aralık (EN)

Molecular Biology and Genetics Departmental Seminar

“Functional landscape of public gene expression repositories”

Prof. Hasan Oğul

Dept. of Computer Science, Başkent University

Searching in large repositories of gene expression databases is an important issue for people doing research on experimental or computational biosciences. Latest trend is to retrieve relevant experiments based on their raw content rather than the textual meta-data annotations, which is anticipated to provide a better experience for laboratory design and interpretation. This talk discusses the recent models and methodologies developed for content-based search on microarray and related databases from an information retrieval perspective. After describing existing software tools, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities in exploring the functional landscape of gene expression experiments.

Date-Time: Wednesday, December 28 – at 15:40
Place : SBZ-14
Host : Serkan Göktuna