Seminer: “Applications of MEMS/NEMS and micro/nanofabrication”, Mehmet Yılmaz EA-409, 11:00 22 Temmuz

Title: Applications of MEMS/NEMS and micro/nanofabrication


This seminar will be composed of two main parts. During the first part of the seminar, we will focus on a specific MEMS device application that is designed and manufactured for mechanical characterization of small scale test samples using tensile testing. The reasons of “why the selected MEMS device and micro/nanofabrication techniques are chosen for this specific application” will be emphasized. Results obtained from the experimental setup will be explained in detail. During the second part, initially we will focus on what else may be done with the MEMS device explained in the first part. Next, we will briefly go on with several applications that are realized at UNAM by significant contribution of the speaker, using these novel, well understood, and generalized microfabrication, and nanofabrication techniques. Finally, we will focus on the speaker’s vision about his future academic and research career.


Mehmet Yilmaz is a post-doctoral researcher at National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) at Bilkent University, and “Reintegration Research Program Fellow of TUBITAK”. In spirit, he is a scientist, engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur.

Mehmet Yilmaz received the B.S. degree (with high honors) from Izmir Institute of Technology, the M.S. degree from Koc University, and the Ph.D. degree from Columbia University, all in mechanical engineering. After his Ph.D. degree studies, he joined IBM Microelectronics Division at Albany Nanotechnology Research and Development Center, in New York, Albany. During his M.S. and Ph.D. degree studies, he specialized in design and microfabrication of MEMS and integration of MEMS with nanostructures. During his time at IBM Microelectronics Division, he worked on developing reactive ion etching (RIE) processes for via patterning, and developing new integration schemes for 10nm and 7nm technology nodes. He is a co-inventor of two US patents from the research and development efforts during his time at IBM. Mehmet Yilmaz is interested in mechanical characterization, understanding, and control of materials at small length scales, and developing new unit processes and integration processes for high yield MEMS devices.