MS Tez Sunumu: “Methods and Tools for Synchronized Visualization of Evolving Networks,” İlkin Safarli (CS), EA-409, 10:00 2 Temmuz (EN)

MS THESIS PRESENTATION: Methods and Tools for Synchronized Visualization of Evolving Networks

İlkin Safarli
MS Student
(Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Uğur Doğrusöz)
Computer Engineering Department

Graph visualization is a powerful tool to convey and analyze relational information in the form of networks such as biological networks, social networks, and computer networks. Abundant research has been conducted on the automatic layout of static graphs and numerous tools have been developed to visualize them. However, in many applications, graphs are not static; they change or evolve over time. To void this gap, we designed two new dynamic graph layout methods, implemented a dynamic graph layout library and developed a web-based application to visualize and contrast dynamic graphs effectively. Cytoscape.js-synched is a library that implements three different dynamic graph layout algorithms, two of which are proposed by us. In the layout of dynamic graphs, the main criteria is to keep the mental map and minimize the total distance among different versions of the same graphs. It is also important to minimize general layout metrics such as node to node overlaps, number of edge crossing, total area, and total edge length. Proposed and implemented algorithms address both of these conflicting criteria to a satisfactory level and result in aesthetically pleasing layouts. EVEN, which is based on Cytoscape.js graph library, is a highly customizable, open source, web-based, and interactive application for visualization of dynamic graphs. It supports visualization and automatic synchronized layout of two or more dynamic graphs. EVEN makes analysis of dynamic graphs more practical by providing synchronized graph exploration features. It also has basic support for constructing and editing dynamic graph. Keywords: Graph visualization, dynamic graphs, evolving networks, graph drawing, layoout algorithms, interactive visualization software.

DATE: 02 July 2018, Monday @ 10:00