Zihin, Beyin ve Davranış Araştırma Grubu Semineri: “The Search for Intelligent Life in a Computational Universe,” Seymur Jahangirov (UNAM), A-130, 12:40 9 Mart (EN)

“The Search for Intelligent Life in a Computational Universe”
By Seymur Jahangirov (Bilkent, UNAM)

Date: Friday, 9th March, 2018
Time: 1240 – 1330
Place: A-130

Organized by the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Group at Bilkent University.

Abstract: Our physical universe is painstakingly explored by ever stronger telescopes in search of places that can inhabit life. In this seminar, we will review some of the routes that have been taken to discover intelligent life in computational universe. First we will articulate the concept of computational universe and how rich it can be. Then we will argue that physical, chemical, biological and other hierarchical levels of existence emerge from computational universe. We will briefly describe various concepts including compartmentalization, feedback loops, nonlinearity, criticality, morphogenesis and others to point out their importance in building a simple computational model of intelligent life.

About the Speaker: Dr. Seymur Jahangirov received his PhD. from the Material Science and Nanotechnology program at UNAM while contributing to seminal works on dissipation phenomena and two-dimensional materials. After completing a post-doc at the Nano-Bio Spectroscopy Group in Spain he joined UNAM faculty in 2015. Dr. Jahangirov uses state-of-the-art computational tools based on the Density Functional Theory to discover novel low-dimensional materials with interesting properties. He has explored wide-range of phenomena including; thermal stability, quantum confinement, sudden and adiabatic processes, Friedel oscillations, non-collinear magnetization, modulation doping and etc. His research has been published in top physics journals including Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters, 2D Materials and Applied Physics Letters.

Web: www.phil.bilkent.edu.tr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bilkent.philosophy