MBG Semineri: “A Self Actuated Protein Delivery Device for Living Therapeutics,” Dr. Urartu Şeker, SBZ-14, 15:40 10 Nisan (EN)

Dear All,

You are cordially invited to seminar.

Title: A Self Actuated Protein Delivery Device for Living Therapeutics

Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Urartu Seker
Time: April 10th, Wednesday at 15:40
Place: SBZ-14
Host: Bahar Değirmenci Uzun

Abstract: Synthetic genetic circuits can be used to program innovative cellular functionalities. Recent advances in synthetic biology allows us to develop genetic logic gate based operations, state machines for protein delivery, biosensing and theranostics. In this talk I will talk about our recent findings on developing a self-actuated cellular systems for genetic logic gate based protein delivery as a platform for living therapeutics.