MAHAL Ses Projesi: Müze Evliyagil-İncek, 18:30 21 Mart

Bilkent Composition will present a site specific sound project in collaboration with Müze Evliyagil.

The event will take place on Thursday March 21st at 18:30 at Müze Evliyagil, İncek. Admission is free

Mahal is conceived as a site specific sound project for Müze Evliyagil. Even though it contains diverse elements such as musical performance and sound installation, it aims to provide the audience with a collective sound experience. Works, that are formed upon a conceptual basis thought out by seven composers, occupy their own spaces simultaneously in a similar fashion that art objects are placed in a museum. Each work penetrates into the other by interfering with the space of the other. The impossibility of containing sound in a closed space, became a common starting point rather than an obstacle for the project. For a good hour, this collective sound world that penetrates every corner inside and spills outside, aims to add a new layer to the memory that the space has created up to now. Unlike a musical concert, Mahal does not require any ideal position to experience. The impossibility of perceiving sounds of Mahal as a whole, encourages listeners to draw their own individual paths, ultimately offering them a unique and subjective experience.

Deniz Aslan: Pencere / Window – for a cassette player, a stereo and a 1+1 computer speaker set
Deniz Çağlarcan: Flux – for 7.1 Surround Speaker System
Engin Dağlık: Point-Instant – for 10 transducer speakers attached to the stairway
Saim Gülay: Magnetic Mahal – for a drum, objects and tape
Nadir Kaya: Mahal Yok – for three artists spending one hour in a museum and using some daily life objects
Yunus Thurston: when now then (than) never – Flute, Clarinet, Melodika, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Found Objects
Tolga Yayalar: Odada / In the room – for 3-channel fixed media