LAW Semineri: “How to make a career with an international organization (example of UNHCR)?”, Dr. Elmar Bagirov, B 114, 12:40 25 Şubat (EN)

How to make a career with an international organization (example of UNHCR)?

Speaker: Dr. Elmar Bagirov
Senior Protection Officer, UNHCR Turkey

Date: February, 25, 2020 Tuesday
Time: 12:40 – 13:30
Location: B 114

You are motivated to work for an international organization. This could be for many reasons, you want to help people in need, you want to change the world to better, you want to become an expatriate, you want to travel and meet new people, you want to learn and gain experience you can later apply in your home country – regardless of your motivation, the pathway to a job with an international organization is not always straightforward. Today Turkey hosts the largest refugee population in the world, there are multiple large UN agencies and NGOs operating in the country. This offers tremendous possibilities of employment and career in the humanitarian sector. But it is not easy to find information on how to access this job market and what skills are required to be able to get hired and be successful in this field. In this talk, a UNHCR international staff member accompanied by a human resources expert will share their experiences, provide practical advice on the topic and answer the questions of the attendees.

Short Biography:
Dr. Elmar Bagirov has BA in Arabic Language and Literature, MA in Arabic Linguistics and MA in International Law. He took his PhD in International Affairs from Baku State University with his thesis titled as: Refugee Protection in Azerbaijan. Under the roof of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, he worked at different positions in Azerbaijan, Sudan and Syria. Currently, he is “Senior Protection Officer” at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Turkey.