Kütüphane Öğle Söyleşisi: “IB or not IB: The Key to University Success?,” Dr. Margaret Sands, Armağan Ateşkan, Sıla Sagun, 12:40-13:40 25 Kasım (EN)

Bilkent University Library is very pleased to invite you to attend the second Library Lunchtime Lecture of this semester!

Title: IB or not IB: The key to university success?
Speakers: Margaret Sands, Department of Education, Bilkent University
Armağan Ateşkan, Department of Education, Bilkent University
Sıla Sagun, BLIS, Bilkent University
Date: Wednesday, November 25
Time: 12:40-1:30 p.m.

Are you satisfied with your first year students? Are you challenging all of them?
International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB*) and non-IB graduates were studied. They began university life together, in the same faculties and departments at four universities.
•The non-IB group had statistically significant higher scores in the university entrance exam.
•The IB graduates had higher cGPAs and individual course grades at university.
•IB graduates had a higher graduation rate: nearly three times more of them graduated after four years.
•Focus group discussions helped explain the difference in the performance of the two groups: critical thinking, time management, academic preparation, sense of belonging.

IB graduates seem to be better prepared for university life than their non-IB peers, and are more able to build on their high school experience to succeed at university.
IB* is used here to mean the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, followed in grades 11 and 12. Turkish high school students who study for the IB Diploma also follow the Ministry of National Education
four-year high school program. Both groups take the Turkish national university entrance exam.

The lecture will be in English.
Lunchtime refreshments will be supplied!