Konuşma: “To Catch a Worm: From the Early Bird to the Diet of Worms,” Dr. Heather H. Yeung (ELIT), Kütüphane Sanat Galerisi, 12:40 14 Mart (EN)

Dear Bilkent colleagues and students,

The Program in Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas cordially invites you to the next talk in its colloquium series, featuring Assistant Professor Heather H. Yeung (ELIT): “To Catch a Worm: From the Early Bird to the Diet of Worms”. Dr Yeung will hold her talk on Tuesday, March 14 at 12:40 in the Bilkent Main Campus Library Art Gallery. Sandwiches will be available. An abstract for Dr Yeung’s talk is below:

In this CCI colloquium talk, based on research for her forthcoming cultural history of the worm, Dr. Heather H. Yeung (ELIT) invites you to come along and, like the early bird, attempt to catch a worm! Analysing the proverbial ‘early bird’ and other well-known worm-eaten phrases, the talk will explore a series of very different habits of the worm, from the Kinabalu Giant Earthworm to the Carthusian Miscellany (BL MS Additional 37049); from the balololailai festival to Wallace Stevens’s worm-eaten Badroulbadour… Combining literary texts with cultural and scientific knowledge, the talk is broadly concerned with the manners in which we digest, process, and classify this creature, and seeks to provoke a reconsideration of what it is we react to when we encounter, in one of its many guises, the worm.