Konuşma: “Numerical Experiments on Quantum Transport at Different Scales,” Haldun Sevinçli (İzmir Teknoloji Enstitüsü), SU-01 (UNAM), 15:40 22 Mart (EN)

Dear Colleagues and Students,

You are kindly invited to follow the series of colloquia organized by the Department of Physics.

The 4th talk of this term will be presented by HALDUN SEVİNÇLİ — İzmir Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The title of his talk is “Numerical experiments on quantum transport at different scales”.

Date : Wednesday, March 22
Time : 15:40
Place: SU-01 (UNAM)

**More detailed information regarding the colloquia can be reached from the web site of the Physics Department : http://www.physics.bilkent.edu.tr/index.php/colloquia
All interested are cordially invited!