Konser: “New Music at Bilkent: Black Pencil Ensemble,” Bilkent Konser Salonu, 20:00 21 Kasım

Bilkent Composition is proud to present Black Pencil to the Bilkent Campus on Monday, November 21st in the Bilkent Concert Hall. The concert is sponsored partially by VisiSonor and Fonds Podium Kunstein Foundations.

Netherlands based Black Pencil is an innovative ensemble consisting of a unique combination of instruments. The group performs a diverse and adventurous array of repertoire ranging from early music to cutting edge new music composed especially for them. The concert at Bilkent will feature five pieces composed for the ensemble and an arrangement of Berio’s Folk Songs.

In addition to this exiting concert, Black Pencil will conduct a workshop on November 20th. They will read through the works that are composed for the ensemble by Bilkent composers.

All the events are free and open to the public.

21 November, Monday, 20:00
Bilkent Concert Hall
(GE 250 – 15 points)

Roderik De Man (1941): La Volta (2016) *
Klaas de Vries (1944): from far… broken (2016) **
Luciano Berio (1925-2003): I Wonder as I Wander, Ballo, Loosin yelav, Azerbaijan love song (from Folk Songs, 1964)
Oene van Geel (1973): Bayachrimae (2016) **
David Dramm (1961): Sorry (2016) **
B.C Manjunath (1976): Hari-hana-suta (2010)
Roderik De Man (1941): Fuerza Interior (2011) *

* Commissioned by the VisiSonor Foundation
** Commissioned by the Performing Arts Fund NL

Workshop with Bilkent Composers
20 November, Sunday, 9:30
Bilkent Concert Hall

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