Konferans: “The Future is History: Architecture in the Age of AI,” Dr. İmdat As (University of Hartford), FFB-06, 13:00 9 Ocak (EN)

Architecture Department Lecture: The Future is History: Architecture in the Age of AI

Date:09/01/2018 Tuesday
Time, Place: 13:00, FFB-06

Imdat As is an assistant professor at the University of Hartford, and teaches studio and digital media. He is the founder of Arcbazar.com, the first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing platform for architectural design projects. He co-authored, Dynamic Digital Representations in Architecture: Visions in Motion (Taylor & Francis, 2008). Imdat graduated from METU, and holds a master’s degree from MIT, and a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The talk will be on digital media applications as they relate to architectural design and practice. The discussion will cover early three-dimensional modeling tools, motion-graphics, augmented reality, and delve into harnessing collective design intelligence through crowdsourcing methods. The talk will continue on current research on artificial intelligence and its nascent explorations in architecture.