Konferans: “Intermediation via Tiles and Mosaic as Architectural Tools,” Dr. Gertrud Olsson, FFB-22, 13:30 11 Nisan (EN)

Architecture Department Lecture: Intermediation via Tiles and Mosaic as Architectural Tools

Date: 11/04/2018 Wednesday
Time, Place: 13:30, FFB-22

Speaker: Dr. Gertrud Olsson

Dr. Gertrud Olsson is an architect with a PhD in architecture, KTH School of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm; a lecturer in Theory and History at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts at Steneby, University of Gothenburg; a visiting scholar at SRII Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul.

How can we use, manage and bring forward a cultural heritage? In Europe, there is a new-born interest in tiled facades, and in Turkey we find a deep tradition of tiles from the Seljuks to the Ottoman era. Thus, tiles and mosaics in architecture involves in a complex relation between tradition and modernity.