Konferans: “Excavations at Komana near Tokat,” Prof. Burcu Erciyas (ODTÜ), H-132, 17:40 11 Ekim (EN)

The Department of Archaeology is pleased to invite you to a Lecture given by Professor Burcu Erciyas, Middle East Technical University: “Excavations at Komana near Tokat”.

The lecture will take place in the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and Letters, room H-132.

Archaeological explorations at Komana, 10 km northeast of Tokat began in 2004 with surveys. Since 2009 excavations have been conducted at various parts of the site, mainly concentrating on the hill named Hamamtepe. The site is best known as a sanctuary dedicated to Ma during the Hellenistic period; however, it continued its existence into the Roman and Byzantine periods. The excavations have revealed a very prominent site during the Danishmendid/Seljukid period as well as an Ottoman village above and a 10th century Byzantine necropolis/settlement below this level. In 2017, increasing amounts of archaeological material dating to the Hellenistic/Roman and Late Roman provided clues to the earlier habitation at the site.