Kısa Film Gösterimi/!F Türkiye’den Kısalar: “Dört Duvar Arası Kapanmaz Ki!” FFB-05, 17:40 3 Mart ve “Hayaller ve Duvarlar,” FFB-22, 12:40 4 Mart

A selection of short films from the International Independent Films Festival 
!f will be screened at Bilkent University. !f Shorts From Turkey brings together examples of shorts produced within the last year by directors from Turkey and anyone working with moving image in the form of thematic compilations. The themes are constructed around the questions and feelings that emerge as we watch all the shorts suggested by the directors and the !f audience.

March 3rd, Thursday, 17.40 – 19.10 CANNOT BE TRAPPED! (DÖRT DUVAR ARASI
KAPANMAZ Kİ!) 101’ (FF-B05, FADA Building)
March 4th, Friday, 12.40 – 13.50 DREAMS AND WALLS (HAYALLER VE DUVARLAR)
70’ (FF-B22, FADA Building)

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