IAED Konferansı: “Designing Symbiotic Experiences,” Zeynep Birgönül, FFB-06, 12:50 17 Nisan (EN)

Interior Architecture & Environmental Design Department Lecture:
Zeynep Birgönül

Date:17/04/2019 Wednesday
Time, Place: 12:50, FFB06

Zeynep Birgönül, Graduated from the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department of Bilkent University, Turkey at 2011. Received “Masters of Advanced Architecture” degree from IAAC, Barcelona in 2013. Following the professional masters degree at IAAC, continued with a M. Sc. program of “International Cooperation and Emergency Architecture”, at UIC, Barcelona. Additionally, certified by Domus Academy in Milan, at 2010, by completing the program ‘Retail Design and Branding’. Worked at several interior design projects and at 2015-2016 batch at StartupBootcamp_IoT-BigData in Barcelona as Designer in Residence. Recently, is a Ph.D. Candidate at UIC, Barcelona at ESARQ Faculty. The doctoral thesis project is under the title of “Symbiotic Data Platform”. Currently she is pursuing the doctoral visiting research and teaching at ITU, Istanbul. Personal interests in academic field are Building Information Modeling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), Sustainable Urban Development, Responsive Architecture and Interaction.

Modern day designers adding value to the works done, by adapting the techniques to the rapid change of contemporary world and shaping the new era with research upon ‘advanced architecture & design’. Regarding the academic and personal interests of the designer Zeynep Birgonul; the seminar mainly focuses on the research and digital fabrication examples that have been developed during her masters and doctorate studies. The projects are selected by the criteria defined by the terms, introduced by Jeremy Rifkin, ‘3rd Industrial Revolution’ and by Klaus Schwab ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. Taking the reference from this sequence of advancing industrial & digital progression, the design and architectural research have evolved more and more interdisciplinary and became an inseparable concept of new materials; the new design thinking, form & function and digital production technologies. At last but not the least, introducing the on-going Ph.D. project; ‘Symbiotic Data Platform’ gives a glimpse to the doctoral research, which includes Building Information Modeling, Physical Computing (also known as Internet of Things), interaction, experience design, data mining, sensor technologies, modeling and simulation. The platform uses computation in architecture and to optimize the satisfaction, comfort level, energy efficiency and the ambient quality of the space, by ‘taking benefit of the existing digital data model of the building’ and combining this information with ‘real-time data’ to create human-machine interaction for comfort optimization.