Hüseyin Helvacıoğlu Anısına COMD Film Gösterimi ve Söyleşi: “Hermana,” (Enver Arcak, 2017), FFB-22, 17:40 9 Kasım (TR)(SEN)

Film Screening and Talk in memoriam Hüseyin Helvacioglu

Hermana (Enver Arcak, 2017)

November 9th, 2018 Friday 17.40 FF-B22 (FADA Building)

Commemorating COMD alumni and MA student Hüseyin Helvacioglu who passed away last year, Department of Communication and Design invites to a special screening of “Hermana.” Filmmaker Enver Arcak, as well as friends and professors of Helvacıoğlu will be present at the screening.


The Untold History of Ankara’s Jewish Community
Directed by Enver Arcak
Documentary / 2017 / 28 min. / Turkish with English subtitles

One of the earliest Jewish community in Anatolia is located in Ankara. Their history goesback to Early Roman Period. The following periods’ migrations in 15th Century from Spain-Portugal to Anatolia and the later periods that in 20th Century the community has reached on the highest population in Ankara. The documentary presents the communities’ untold historyfrom Helenistic period to Ottoman period that is focused on 20th Century social andeconomic life of the community with the written sources, visual materials, familyphotographs, diaries etc. The interviews with migrated people from Ankara to Istanbul and the various cities of Israel that their family visual archives presents in the documentary. The film is the first entire research and documentary about the theme.

Screenings and Awards:
Bilkent University, Special Screening, Ankara, November 2018
Middle East Technical University (METU), Special Screening, Ankara, November 2018
XII. Istanbul International Architectural and Urban Films Festival, Official Selection, October2018
1st Foça Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Film Days, Special Screening, October 2018
3rd Beyond the Borders International Documentary Film Festival, Official Selection, Castellorizo, September 2018
American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), Special Screening, Ankara, June 2018
Istanbul Bilgi University, Special Screening, April 2018
Ankara University, Faculty of Communication, Special Screening, April 2018
17th Boston Turkish Film Festival, Screening: The Best Documentary Audience Award, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, April 2018
3rd Short Film Festival, Istanbul Short Film Collective, Special Screening, March 2018
12th Boston Turkish Film Festival Documentary & Short Film Competition, The Best Documentary Audience Award, November 2017
European Days of Jewish Culture, Istanbul The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews, November 2017
Documentarist, 10th Itanbul Documentary Days, Final Selection, June 2017
SALT Galata Istanbul, Special Screening, May 2017
Ankara International Film Festival, Final Selection of Documentary Category, April 2017
About Director:
Enver Arcak studied Archaeology and History of Art in Bilkent University. He attended film making and video production classes during his university education and continued withrelated courses and workshops after he graduated. Hermana “The Untold History of Ankara’sJewish Community” documentary is the first film of him as director.