HF Semineri: “Laws of War: Contemporary Problems and Potential Solutions,” Dr. Hyeran Jo (Texas A&M University), V-02, 18:00 3 Nisan (EN)

“Laws of War: Contemporary Problems and Potential Solutions”

Dr Hyeran Jo, Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Texas A&M University

April 3, Wednesday, 18:00
Place : V 02

Abstract for “Laws of War: Contemporary Problems and Potential Solutions”
From Syria to Afghanistan, from Mali to the Democratic Republic of Congo, children are used as soldiers; women raped during wartime; refugees attacked; chemical weapons used; and hospitals and cultural properties are destroyed. Laws of war are meant to provide the rules that govern wartime conduct — in order to protect victims of war and make wars humane. How does international community face these current challenges of laws of war? What are the solutions, proposed, tried and imagined? The lecture invites audience to explore these contemporary issues regarding laws of war.

Dr. Hyeran Jo is associate professor of international relations at Texas A&M University in the United States. She is currently conducting a research on the topics of international humanitarian law as a Humboldt scholar at the Law Department of the Free University in Berlin, Germany. She is the author of Compliant Rebels: Rebel Groups and International Law in World Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2015). The book won the Chadwick Alger Prize which is awarded to the best book of the year by the International Studies Association.