Film Gösterimi: “David Cronenberg – Dead Ringers,” FFB-05, 18:30 4 Şubat (EN)

Bilkent Cinematics returns with a brand-new line-up of movies for the Spring, kicking things off on Thursday, February 4 with a screening of David Cronenberg’s masterful and horrifying Dead Ringers.

Produced in 1988, Cronenberg’s movie tells the story of a demented relationship between twin gynecologists—both played by British great Jeremy Irons—and their increasingly disturbing medical practises. Even by today’s standards, the film is considered a technological achievement for its advanced use of techniques like split screen, and part of the fun of the movie is seeing how effortlessly Jeremy Irons acts with himself. It’s surely a “stylistic tour de force,” as critic Roger Ebert put it, and New York Times critic Janet Maslin insisted it showed Cronenberg as “a master of body-related horrific fantasy.”

Still, Dead Ringers is hated by many for what is viewed as Cronenberg’s blatant misogyny; others see it as a clever attack on male hatred for women. Certainly the best approach is to come and judge for yourself.

Dead Ringers screens on Thursday, Feb. 4, 6.30 p.m., in FFB-05. As always, lively discussion will follow the screening, and junk food and great prizes will be offered. Everyone is welcome.

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