Film Gösterimi: “Citizen Kane,” Orson Welles (1941), FFB-05, 18:00 15 Şubat (EN)

Has there ever been a more influential movie than Citizen Kane? Not likely–and Orson Welles’ 1941 masterwork will be Bilkent Cinematics’ first offering of the new term, on Thursday, February 15.

Welles’ epic tells the story of recently-deceased newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane (a fictionalized William Randolph Hearst, or Welles himself?). Uncovering the mystery behind his last word–“Rosebud”–becomes the focal point of the film.

But Welles’ movie, made when he was just 25, is equally famous for its highly innovative cinematography, the product of a highly fruitful union between Welles and cinematographer Gregg Toland. The film was not the first to use such dazzling techniques as deep focus, but Toland and Welles deployed such techniques in new and dazzling ways.

Judged by many critics as the greatest movie ever made, Citizen Kane remains one of the most thrilling of cinematic achievements. In his 1941 New York Times review, Bosley Crowther called it “a picture of tremendous and overpowering scope.”

Come out and see if you agree. Citizen Kane screens on Thursday, February 15, in FFB 05 at 18.00. All Cinematics movies are shown with English subtitles, and everyone is welcome. Snacks and refreshments will be served. For further details, contact Hossein Dabir at

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