Film Gösterimi: “Battle of Algiers,” Gillo Pontecorvo (1966), FFB-06, 18:00 5 Nisan (EN)

Gillo Pontecorvo’s brilliant, highly influential 1966 film Battle of Algiers will be the subject of Bilkent Cinematics’ next screening, on Wednesday, April 5, 6 p.m., in FFB06.

Pontecorvo’s movie has as its focus the Algerian War of Independence from the French, dealing specifically with the tumultuous period between 1954-57, when the nationalist struggle for independence led to ever-escalating acts of civil terror from both sides of the conflict. Pontecorvo (influenced by Italian neo-realists like Roberto Rossellini) shot his film in a black and white, highly realistic documentary-style that so fooled some initial viewers that Pontecorvo had to announce that not a minute of the film was, in fact, documentary. As we watch the movie, we get the sense that we are immersed in actual events and not viewing an artful recreation of them. It is a singular cinematic experience.

The New York Times says, “though Pontecorvo’s sympathies plainly rest with the Algerians fighting for their independence, “The Battle of Algiers” casts no judgment over the ethics of terrorism and torture, implying that such horrible tactics were a reality of urban conflict. For that, it remains a flashpoint of controversy.”

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