Çalıştay: “Biology of Story,” Genevieve Appleton, FB-114, 14:40, 5 Nisan (EN)

Biology of Story
Date: April 5th, Tuesday
Time: 14.40 – 17.00
Place: FB-114, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Producer Genevieve Appleton will be presenting their project Biology of Story (http://biologyofstory.com/#/). The Biology of Story is a large-scale, web-based interactive documentary that explores how we live with story and how story lives with us. The film, directed by Amnon Buchbinder, presents a new theory of story based on the experience of story creators, but encompassing the myriad roles that story plays in our lives.

Genevieve Appleton is a Screenwriter, Director, and Producer at White Wave Productions. A former faculty member of Bilkent University, she has been teaching screenwriting and film production at University of Toronto, Sheridan College, and York University.